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Harmonizing Homework: High Schoolers Spill the Beats on Productivity

Some swear by caffeine, others by meditation, but there’s a group of students who have found their solace in the rhythmic beats and melodic tunes of their favorite songs that is the secret to their supercharged productivity. While some might dismiss music as a distraction, for many high schoolers, it’s the key to unlocking a focused state of mind. To unravel this mystery, we turned to a group of high school students for their candid insights and personal anecdotes. 

Caption: Navigating work with musical symphonies Credit: Subrina Singh

As we dive into the musical minds of high schoolers, one common theme emerges – music creates a sense of calm and focus. For Caleb Pierre, music plays a multifaceted role where it is not just a study companion but a mood-setter.

“I think music just keeps me calm and in the state where I’m like, all right, I can get stuff done. If I could have fun listening to music while doing something, I feel like it makes it more manageable,” Pierre said, sharing that his playlist spans across various genres, from rap and R&B to the invigorating beats of Spanish and Brazilian music. 

For Christopher Rivard he finds that music acts as a distraction buffer.

“It helps because it allows my brain to flow better because sometimes I feel like I get distracted, so I can just be distracted by the music instead of being distracted with something else,” Rivard said, citing Justin Bieber, Frank Ocean, and Lofi as his go-to choices.

Moving from pop beats to dancehall vibes, Jadin Punsamie sheds light on how music accelerates his homework pace. 

“It helps my flow of homework. It’s like my brain gets into this groove, and suddenly, the assignments just fly by,” Punsamie said, sharing that the upbeat tempo of dancehall, with Vybz Kartel as his go-to.

But it’s not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Ridwanah Rashid reveals how she adapts her playlist based on the task at hand.

“My genre usually ranges from rap to R&B. And then maybe if I’m hyper-focused, I’ll go instrumental. Just so there aren’t any lyrics,” Rashid said, recommending the soulful vibes of Brent Faiyaz’s “Language” as an ideal study companion.

Meanwhile, Jaiden Plasencia finds the synergy between music and homework as a straightforward, yet powerful, formula for productivity.

“It keeps me motivated to do my work. The song acts like the background to my thoughts and the tasks feel less daunting,” Plasencia said, favoring the soothing sounds of Frank Ocean and Tyler, the Creator during his homework sessions.

In this musical journey through the study habits of high schoolers, the playlist becomes the unsung hero of productivity. From creating a calming atmosphere to acting as a distraction shield, music proves to be the academic ally that transforms the homework grind into a harmonious symphony of concentration.

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