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You Win Some, You Lose None

Caption: Edison Varsity Tennis team 2023

Against all odds, the Edison varsity tennis team defied expectations, closing out the season with an undefeated record. With 10 wins and 0 losses, the team advanced to the playoffs, facing Christopher Columbus Campus and Newtown High School before reaching the semifinals against the High School of American Studies.

Coach Victor Wang, who led the team this season, shared his pride in their remarkable achievement. 

“We are a very diverse group. We made it to the semifinals, and we were the only team of color there. A lot of the players didn’t have experience prior to joining the team. Konrad is a prime example, he had never played before coming to the team, and yet he is our best player. Being the third-best player on the fourth-best team in the city is a pretty big deal. He was also undefeated throughout the season and won his match during the semifinal. For practice, we had to compete with three other teams for space, which was difficult,” Wang said.

“My big mantra is that I don’t ask any of the players to do something I won’t do. I run with the team, do drills, and play with them. I am very proud of this team. Being the only team from Queens to represent the city in the semifinals, filled with students of color, and with very little experience, yet still fighting every game, is something different. Even though we don’t have families rolling up in the parking lot with their Teslas and BMWs, we still have a very strong spirit as a team. Their strong spirit and determination to win is something I am really proud of,” Wang said.

Konrad Maciejewski, a junior and the third singles player on the team, shared his mindset on being the only undefeated player in an undefeated season.

“I showed up to every practice and match with the intent to win,” Maciejewski said.

Simon Adhikari, a sophomore and alternate player, explained how he prepared for the undefeated season.

“Having lessons outside of practices helped me. I played at Cunningham Park and took tennis classes. I also played with my dad. We all worked together and worked hard. Every point we got in the game, we cheered each other up,” Adhikari said.

Caroline Zhang, a sophomore and alternate player, shared her view on the undefeated season and her preparation.

“I have never been part of a team that won a banner before (banners are given to division champions). Everyone was very committed to the team. When I train by myself, I go to the handball court and practice hitting the ball back and forth. I think showing up to practice and staying committed got us this undefeated season,” Zhang said.

The commitment and mindset of the players were undeniably the driving forces behind this undefeated season.

“I would like to win the city championship,” Wang said.

With an undefeated season, the bar for next year is set high. Congratulations to all the players and coach for an undefeated tennis season, and good luck next year.

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