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Throw Out the Teddy Bears and Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. If you fear your gift giving has gotten stale and want to bestow your significant other with something a little more out of the box this year, these are the Valentine’s Day gift ideas for you.

Michaela Go, a senior here at Edison, believes that “How much thought someone puts into getting or making a gift for you makes it more valuable. If someone goes out of their way to get a unique gift, that’s different from anything else, it makes it so much better than typical presents.”


With that being said let’s get into the list of gifts that are sure to put a unique touch on your Valentine’s Day.


Pandora’s Princess Rings Ever heard that you should treat your partner like royalty? If you’re not the prince charming you should be a Princess ring from Pandora could fix that. Starting at $65 you can literally put a ring on it. Visit:


Bond Touch Bracelets If you are in a long distance relationship or simply just miss your partner as soon as they leave a bond touch bracelet is the perfect gift. No matter where either of you may be, when one of you touches the bracelet the other feels it. A pair retails for $98. Visit:


Hidden Love Languages Necklace This isn’t your typical piece of jewelry. Ringing in at $21.95, this necklace projects the message “I Love You” in 100 different languages when light is shined on it. Visit:


Eternity Rose If you see your relationship lasting to infinity and beyond, an eternity rose may just be the gift to symbolize that. Starting at $129 you can gift your life long love with a rose that will last just as long.  Visit:


Customized Blanket With Valentine’s Day landing in the winter season a blanket is never a bad idea. offers a blanket with a twist, you can create a custom blanket printed with a picture of you and your beloved. Depending on the material and size, prices start at $39.99. Visit:


Printed Chocolate Mold of Your Face If your partner is a sucker for chocolate, imagine how psyched they’d be to receive chocolate that looked like them! By using 3D printing technology the company ChocEdge is able to take a mold of your face and transform it into a sweet treat. One mold retails for $80. Visit:


Personalized DIY Gift Basket If you’re tired of seeing gift baskets filled with useless items you know your companion will never use it may be nice to know that making your own basket isn’t that expensive or hard to make. You can throw in exactly what you know your partner likes. Visit:  


DIY Explosion Box For an out of the box gift (that is literally out of the box) this pop up explosion box for your significant other is perfect if you want to surprise them without spending a ton of money. It can feature pictures, pull tabs, mementos or whatever else you want to include from the times you’ve spent together. Visit:


Adopt a Star If your significant other is out of this world let them know by adopting a star and naming it after them! Prices range from $10-$100 depending on what type of star you’d want to adopt. Visit:

Jar of Date Ideas This is a simple yet also fun gift idea for Valentine’s Day. Banter over where to go or what to do on a date night can be determined for you by picking an idea out of the jar, all you have to do is stick with it. It can easily be a DIY gift but if you’d rather buy it and save the time there are numerous styles of jars and ideas being sold on Etsy. Visit:


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