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The Student News Site of Thomas A. Edison Career and Technical Education High School

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Highlights of the HOSA Spring Leadership Conference

Edison’s personal HOSA Organization took part in this year’s NYS Spring Leadership Conference and brought back (virtually) a groundbreaking achievement for the school. 

The spring leadership conference (SLC) took place from March 31st to April 2nd. It is the second conference done virtually that the members have participated in due to the pandemic. Along with results from the competition of the winners representing our school, we were able to get insight into how the Spring Leadership Conference was for them.

“My experience with taking part in the SLC for the very first time was definitely unlike anything I’ve done before. It took me out of my comfort zone since I had to virtually meet the judges and my fellow competitors from around the state. But the event was really nice as it included speakers who talked about their journey to become medical professionals and the judges were also very welcoming,” said, junior, Valerie Vallejo, who participated in multiple health science events along with the medical assisting event. 

“My experience at SLC was an overall positive one. The day of [the conference] was nerve-racking but exciting to participate in the events we prepared so long for. Preparation for these events was made easier with the help of fellow HOSA members and Dr. Savitzky as a mentor,” said sophomore Alexandra Alarcon Gamaro, who competed in the law and ethics, growth & development, and sports medicine events. 

Like Alexandra, many students thank their mentor Dr. Savitzky for helping them prepare for the numerous events that took place during the conference, in addition to navigating them through studying resources and giving feedback that was helpful to their performance before the conference on the subject of their specific event. 

The members also walked us through what preparation was like for them before participating in the spring leadership conference. From group studying to having to study on their own, a lot has gone into making sure their performance for the conference left good remarks. They also shared any personal obstacles they encountered while preparing, such as their doubts. 

“Preparing for the SLC was more of a solo thing, you don’t prepare with other participants from Edison since you are competing against them unless you are in a teamwork event. I had so many doubts flourishing in my head in the morning of the SLC… you tend to wonder if you prepared enough for it or if the studying was even worth it,” Valerie said.

“It was my first year participating in a HOSA competition and I was doing solo events so it was all on me to prepare for the event. I was extremely nervous. I’m not a competitive person, but I knew that I had to do my best” said, sophomore, Ridwanah Rashid, who placed 3rd in the “Job Seeking Skills” event.

Overall, Edison’s HOSA organization alone won 22 medals in the Spring leadership conference, which breaks a new record in the amount of awards won from the event. 

“That is very humbling! I am glad to be part of this year’s team that set the record. I am confident that HOSA will continue breaking records for the years to come,” said senior Pauline Francez Gordula, who placed in two events during the conference.

Here is a full list of the winners from our school: 

Biomedical Debate: 1st place – Victor Fernandez, Racheal Fowowe, Pauline Francez Gordula, Deborah Laguerre

Extemporaneous Writing: 2nd place – Pauline Francez Gordula, 3rd place – Isabell Faydalla

Health Career Photography: 1st place – Jubaida Miami, 3rd place – Stephany Tzul-Tzuban

Healthcare Issues: 3rd place – Simran Begum

Job Seeking Skills: 2nd place – Jasmeet Kaur, 3rd place– Ridwanah Rashid

Medical Assisting: 1st place – Stefanie Brijmohan, 2nd place – Valerie Vallejo

Medical Spelling: 3rd place – Brandy Romero

Physical Therapy: 3rd place – Maisa Mamun

Prepared Speaking3rd place – Ridwanah Rashid

Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking: 1st place – Subrina Singh, 2nd place – Stefanie Brijmohan, 3rd place – Stephany Tzul-Tzuban

Research Poster: 1st place – Manpreet Kaur

Sports Medicine: 1st place – Alexandra Alarcon Gamarro

Barbara James Service Award: Stefanie Brijmohan – Silver level

NYS HOSA Achievement Award: Jasmeet Kaur, Manpreet Kaur, Safrana Safa, Stefanie Brijmohan, Simran Begum, Huiying Liu, Sara Nathu-Bobb, Brandy Romero, Valerie Vallejo, Jubaida Miami, Amena Akter, Niloy Ghosh, Pauline Gordula, Ashfi Samia, Subrina Singh

NYS HOSA Newsletter Chapter Challenge Winner: Thomas Edison HOSA Chapter

Wishing congratulations to all who participated in the conference, and wishing the best of luck to those taking part in the International leadership conference in Nashville, Tennessee! 

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