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Having Trouble Picking a Show? Here’s a List and How to Find Some…

Being stuck at home during quarantine means having a lot of extra time on your hands. Watching TV shows seems like an escape, but every show must come to an end. There are so many different types of shows and genres, that it’s hard to choose just one. 

“I like shows that are mysteries, romance, and thrillers because I find them very entertaining and they keep me interested in what I’m watching.” Aasiyah Majidi said.

“My favorite genre is drama because I am immersed in different experiences and situations that are possible in the world we live in,” Vilas Hariprashad said.

With liking so many genres, one show might not be enough. After finishing your current show, you might like to find another one that fits into that genre or want to watch something that’s totally different. Having lots of time also gives you the opportunity to find more shows and finish watching with them rapidly. 

“I prefer a show with many seasons because with more seasons I get to watch the show for a longer time and see more twists and turns,” Majidi said. “Also, longer shows keep me interested for a while and I get to really understand the characters and plots.”

“I prefer shows that have a limited amount of seasons. This is because I prefer a closed and resolved ending,” Hariprashad said.

Watching so many television shows means that you’re time is being taken up. Even though we have an abundance of time on our hands, it doesn’t mean we should just waste it. Everyone has their own preferences of what they want in a show. Some people like to pick the first show they see advertised while others do their research before watching. 

“To pick a show I would search databases such as IMDb and Google. If it has a rating higher than 7.5 on IMDb and 70% on Google I’ll give it a try.” Hariprashad said. 

“The number one thing that gets me to watch a show is the amount of times that  it gets recommended to me. If a lot of people tell me to watch a show, I’ll give it a try,” Majidi said. “Another way that I choose to watch a show is if I see that it’s trending.” 

Both Aasiyah Majidi and Vilas Hariprashad have different tastes in shows and have different ways of choosing a show to watch but they have helped compile a list of shows that would be great for people who are in search of something to watch.

TV Show TitleGenreWhere to WatchSeasonsEpisodes in All
Jane the VirginComedy DramaRomanticTelenovelaNetflix5 seasons100 episodes
The Vampire DiariesSupernaturalThrillerRomance DramaFantasyNetflix8 seasons171 episodes
All AmericanSportsDramaNetflixThe CW3 seasons36 episodes and counting
Outer BanksAdventureMysteryThrillerNetflix1 seasons10 episodes
Once Upon a TimeFairy taleAdventureMysteryDramaDisney+7 seasons156 episodes
Cobra KaiMartial ArtsActionDramaNetflix3 seasons30 episodes
EuphoriaDramaHBO Max1 season8 episodes
EliteDramaThrillerMysteryNetflix3 seasons24 episodes
FleabagCringeDramaComedyDarkAmazon Prime Video2 seasons12 episodes
Killing EveDarkComedyDramaSpy fictionHulu3 seasons24 episodes
Dead to MeComedyDarkTragicomedyDramaNetflix2 seasons20 episodes

The list goes from shows they were recommended to shows that have all together had good reviews. With the diverse genres and many episodes of some, these shows are bound to catch your eyes and have your undivided attention.

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